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Auto Accident Doctors Injuries

After you’ve had a car accident, things seem to move pretty quickly. You call the police, exchange insurance, and move forward. However, if you have been hurt by your accident, it’s essential to file a lawsuit against the person who caused you the injuries as soon as possible.

The length of time you have to file an injury claim depends on the limitations of your specific state. This time period may be even smaller if you’re filing against the local government or state. If you file after this period is over, the court will likely not hear your case. However, you might be able to get around this limitation if this was a long-term damage case.

If you’ve been badly injured due to the accident, you must get a physical exam done right away to have this information recorded on file. You can only file this claim within two years of discovering the harm. To prove this injury, you’ll need to work with a medical office like Auto Accident Doctors that can give you the information you need.


It’s easy to feel pretty traumatized after a car accident, which can leave you without a fair settlement depending on the situation and how you react. When you find yourself in an accident, follow these immediate steps.

  • Call The Police: You want to get this case officially documented so that there is a paper trail of what happened. The officers will collect all evidence and facts of the case to write up their report. This report can help provide the truth about the incident, and without it, the other driver may try to dispute the facts.
  • Don’t Take Blame: You might feel guilty after a car accident and want to make it better by assuming responsibility. However, this will not help you with your claim, so don’t make any type of comments about the accident and your responsibility or role in it.
  • See a Medical Professional: If you don’t head to a medical professional after the accident to get a check-up, you have no proof that the issues you might be suffering are from your accident. Getting a medical report from experts at Auto Accident Doctors makes it harder for insurance companies to try to dispute your claims or say your injuries weren’t that bad.
  • File Your Personal Injury Claim Sooner Than Later: Once you have all of the evidence for your case, including the police report, medical report, and have hired an attorney, you’ll want to file a lawsuit right away. Make sure to file your PIP application with your insurance company as well.


After a car accident, it’s essential to understand what your goals are concerning the collision. Do you plan to let insurance fix your car and move on? Did you get significantly hurt in this accident and want to receive compensation? Ensure that you get the proper paperwork, both medical and accident reports, to protect yourself regardless of the outcome you’re looking for.