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Auto Accident and Personal Injury Treatments at Auto Accident Doctors

Have a Complete Recovery with Auto Accident Doctors

Auto Accident Doctors understand the importance of quickly getting proper medical care after a car accident. Failing to receive timely, rehabilitative treatment can often lead to debilitating chronic pain, premature arthritis, and many other difficulties. Avoid any future complications by receiving excellent auto accident and personal injury treatments from one of our many locations across Maryland. Rest assured that you'll receive the best personal injury care with one of the Auto Accident Doctors near you. We utilize an integrated approach when evaluating and treating auto injury patients. Have a professional with Auto Accident Doctors examine your auto injuries today before it’s too late to settle a claim with a lawyer.

Auto Accident Doctors Injuries Doctor with Spine

Chiropractic Care

Back injuries are common in auto accidents, but chiropractic care can also help with whiplash, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and advanced issues like herniated discs and Plantar Fasciitis. When you choose Auto Accident Doctors, our medical professionals will accurately evaluate your injuries and properly document every injury and treatment related to the car accident to help your lawyer settle a personal injury claim. We have qualified chiropractors at several Maryland locations to make your care as convenient as possible

Auto Accident Doctors Injuries Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Some injuries sustained from a car accident will require physical therapy for complete healing. In addition to chiropractors, some of our medical locations have physical therapists who can assist in your recovery. Physical therapy is a great option for post-surgical rehabilitation, balance training, or increasing your range of motion. After careful evaluation, a physical therapist will recommend the best-fit therapeutic treatments and exercises to help you achieve a full recovery as efficiently as possible.

Auto Accident Doctors Injuries Pain Management

Pain Management

Sometimes the worst part of an injury is simply trying to live through the pain. Many of our locations will work with you after a car accident to find the root of your pain, and find effective treatments to manage the pain without opioids and other medications. Physical therapy, acupuncture, and other healing methods will be a part of your care routine to reduce pain as much as possible, and streamline your healing process. All of this is dependent on the medical facility you choose, so please review our locations to find one near you with services that will be helpful.

Auto Accident Doctors Injuries Ortho When Appropriate

Ortho/Neuro/Radiology When Appropriate

Some personal injuries from car accidents are immediately noticeable, like whiplash or concussions, plus any perforations and cuts to the skin. Other injuries are less obvious but equally as significant to your health. A car injury could cause internal bleeding, nerve damage, spinal issues, and more, which is why it’s crucial to get a complete medical examination after your auto accident to detect any possible complications. We don’t want surgery or advanced medical care to be our go-to treatment, but whenever it’s necessary we will refer you to a licensed medical professional who can treat broken bones, neurological damage, or any other internal issues.