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Documentation We Provide Personal Injury Attorneys

Get The Information You Need For Your Case.

When you’re involved in an accident like a car wreck, the expenses involved are no secret. Car repairs, medical bills, and mental anguish are but a few of the many consequences of these traumatic events. That’s why we believe you deserve compensation to cover the costs you incur as a result of an accident. It’s also why we provide the following thorough documentation to your Personal Injury Attorney.

The process starts with a thorough initial patient exam

Initial Patient Exam

The initial patient exam is key to determining the extent of your injuries as the result of your accident. It will also be the starting point for your attorney to judge how large of a settlement you should pursue. We’ll provide a thorough exam and discuss your pain with you to help determine how to move forward. All the pain points we discuss will be thoroughly documented and shared with your attorney so that they’re as informed as possible.

We’ll record your suggested treatment path

Recommended Treatment

After your initial exam, we’ll discuss treatment. The treatment we’ll recommend is based on a variety of factors, including the nature of the injury and your overall health. This treatment plan will also be recorded and shared with your attorney so that they have an accurate idea of what hardship you’ll be enduring medically in the weeks or months to come.

Tracking your progress and fully documenting it is vital for your case

Evaluations of Patient’s Progress

As we move through your treatment plan, we’ll examine your progress. We’ll look at how you’ve improved since the last treatment and overall since the injury occurred. Sharing the documentation of these steps will help your attorney gauge when your treatment will finish or if it will be extended. It also helps them adjust your case as needed to make sure you get the maximum settlement you’re entitled to.

The medical summary report will help determine your ongoing treatment

Inability to Move Easily Without Pain

The medical summary report comes at the end of the initial treatment. This document will focus on your status at the end of your recovery or before you move into the ongoing maintenance phase. This will also help your attorney determine if you should pursue greater damages in the case that your injury is something you’ll deal with for an extended time.

Properly documenting your recovery is not only vital for our evaluation and determining treatment suggestions, it’s also important for helping your attorney get you the best settlement possible. Learn more about our process by contacting Auto Accident Doctors today. Our expert team is ready to help you on your road to recovery.