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Auto Accidents in Maryland

Auto Accident in Maryland

On August 17, 2022, the USA's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its estimates of 2022's first quarter traffic fatalities. According to the estimates, there were 9,560 auto accident fatalities. Compared to 2021's first quarter, that's a 7% increase. The NHTSA admitted that the movement of the fatality numbers is still happening "in the wrong direction" and encouraged all states "to double down on traffic safety."

In this post, we'll take you through the most common causes of car accidents in Maryland. Additionally, we'll look at the types of injuries typically sustained by victims of motor accidents and some recovery tips.


Speeding: Sometimes, drivers want to keep up with the traffic or are late for some work. These situations may lead to the drivers paying no mind to speed limits - resulting in accidents.

Distractions during driving: If drivers multitask during driving, for example, using a smartphone or eating, it can make them unable to focus on driving. Such distractions can affect drivers' concentration levels.

Not caring for stop signs or red lights: Many drivers may decide to continue driving even after seeing stop signs or red lights. However, throwing caution to the wind only to save a few minutes rarely does anyone any good. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, 50% of all auto accidents and injuries happen at intersections.

Drunk driving: Even though people are warned not to drive when they're drunk, there are many that don't listen. The fact is that more than 30 people die in the country each day due to drunk driving incidents.

Aggressive and reckless driving: Excessive aggression and recklessness during driving can result in blatant disregard for traffic safety along with others and their properties.

Exhaustion: Drivers who have been at the wheel for far longer than what's good for them can experience fatigue and exhaustion. In a state of drowsiness and/or sleepiness, it's next to impossible to identify what road conditions are and respond to them rapidly.

Poor road and weather conditions: An auto accident doesn't always have to be necessarily caused by human error. Sometimes, poor road and weather conditions can also make it difficult for drivers to control their vehicles and see what's in front of them.

Technical issues with vehicles: Vehicle components are prone to wear and tear and faulty components may increase the risks of technical issues. Even the most skilled and experienced drivers can't steer their way around a complex technical problem.


Victims of car accidents run not only the risk of death but also the risk of sustaining severe injuries. In the USA, the following rank among the most common auto accident injuries that victims sustain:

Head injuries: Head injuries are among the most common impact injuries caused by car accidents. They can be minor or severe depending on the level of impact. Most concussions resolve in a few weeks but some can have lasting or even permanent affects.

Whiplash injuries: Whiplash injuries are soft tissue injuries that affect the ligaments and muscles of the head and the neck. These injuries happen when the head and neck's ligaments and muscles are suddenly stretched past normal limits. Auto Accident Doctors will thoroughly evaluate you whiplash injury.

Chest injuries: Chest injuries most commonly affect drivers when they collide chest-first with steering wheels. They can range from mild bruising, sternum fractures, broken ribs, or damaged internal organs. Passengers seated immediately next to the drivers may also suffer from these injuries due to collisions with dashboards. Seatbelts and air bags, which are security features, may also cause chest injuries in some situations.

Injuries to arms and legs: Impact injuries involving the arms and legs may affect the limbs. For instance, if a person's knee hits the dashboard hard enough, it may sustain a severe bruise, internal derangement, or in the worst-case scenario, broken bones.

Cuts and scrapes: If an car accident causes a car's internal components to break, they may turn into projectiles. These can be capable of cutting and scraping the driver and passengers. Cuts and scrapes may also be caused by airbags during deployment.

Medical Evaluation: You should be evaluated at either the local Hospital Emergency Room or an Urgent Care center near you. If you have any symptoms, and especially worsening symptoms, get evaluated right away. Early detection of internal trauma is imperative.


If you're a victim of an auto accident and are in the early days of recovery, this section is for you. Here, we'll take you through the tips you should put into practice for recovering rapidly and well:

Follow your doctor's instructions and recommendations: Keep consulting your doctor through your entire recovery period. Don't turn a blind eye to the instructions and recommendations from your doctor. Follow them as diligently as you can until your doctor tells you to do otherwise. Remember, healing takes time and you could possible need therapy for up to a year depending on your injuries.

Consult a Chiropractor that specializes in Auto Accidents: If you've suffered a serious injury to your back and/or neck, the best thing to do is to seek the advice of an Auto Accident Doctors chiropractor. Spinal injuries caused by auto accidents can cause temporary, long-term, or even permanent damage. Spinal adjustments, manipulation, physical therapy modalities, and exercise may help.

Eat and sleep well: Eating and sleeping are two habits you have to get right during the recovery stage. Foods high in nutritional value are recommended and rest is essential for the affected body part(s) for healing.

Pay attention to your mental health: A severe injury arising from a car accident can be devastating not only for your body but your mind as well. During recovery, you must take care of your mental health and avoid engaging in activities that may be excessively stressful.

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