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Experiencing Back Pain After A Car Accident?

When most people think of car accidents, they think about the damage it does to the vehicle. However, what many people don’t realize until they’ve been in a car accident themselves is that car accidents can also cause a lot of damage to your body. If you or someone you know has recently been in a car accident and is dealing with pain as a result, Auto Accident Doctors is here to help! We offer both attorney and chiropractor services, allowing you to get all the help you need. Continue reading to learn more about the pain you might experience as the result of a car accident.

Auto Accident Doctors Injuries Back Pain

Neck and Lower Back Injuries Are the Most Common

Car accidents can cause a variety of different injuries. However, the most common types of injuries caused by a car accident are neck and lower back injuries. The reason behind this is because the spine is not designed to sustain heavy impact, and depending on the severity of the car accident, your spine can suffer from a high amount of force, resulting in an injury. That being said, back and neck injuries may not show up right away, so it’s vital to seek treatment if you start to feel pain following the accident.

An image of a man showing pain in his lower back

Some Injuries Cause Lower Back Pain

As mentioned above, back injuries are some of the most common injuries suffered after a car accident, and there are a variety of back injuries that can lead to an individual feeling pain specifically in their lower back. These injuries include:

  • Lumbar Sprain
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Disc Herniation
  • Degenerative Spinal Disorder

If you are experiencing lower back pain after a car accident, reach out to our team at Auto Accident Doctors to see if our expert chiropractors can assist you with your car accident injury.

An image indicating pain of the spine

Whiplash Can Injure the Spine

It’s no secret that whiplash is common in a car accident, but what many people don’t know is that whiplash can actually injure your spine. Whiplash occurs when your head suddenly moves forward and then back. This rapid movement can lead to a spinal injury, whether you simply start to feel pain in your neck or it results in a more serious injury.

An image of hands holding a lower back

The Force of the Accident Can Put Pressure on the Neck and Back

When a vehicle gets into an accident, there is a lot of force within the moment, and there are many things that can happen at once. For example, there is force from the seatbelt holding you back into place, force against the car door if you hit it, force on the dashboard, and more. All of the force from the accident can result in many injuries, as well as put pressure on your neck and back. A good example of this is whiplash as we discussed above, or even a back injury as the result of the pressure from your seat belt.

If you were recently in a car accident and you are suffering from a car accident injury, Auto Accident Doctors can help. Reach out to our team and have the experienced injury attorney you need on your side from the start!